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Open sandwich with shrimps Kr.   135,-
Open sandwich with smoked salmon and scramble egg Kr.   128,-
Open sandwich with “gravet” salmon  Kr.   128,-
Open sandwich with roast beef and red onion Kr.   118,-
Beef tartar on sour dough bread and raw egg yolk
Kr.   145,-
Baguette with cheese and ham Kr.    92,-
Open sandwich with elk meat patty and fried onions Kr.   135,- 
Croque Monsieur warm cheese sandwich with air cured ham Kr.   125,-
Open sandwich with deep fried plaice and egg salad Kr.     125,-
Vegetarian Sandwich with avocado, pickled onion and cress  Kr.    115,-


Frognerseterens “famous” apple cakeKr.   72,-
Assorted homemade cakes                                        fromKr.   55,-
Chocolate or blueberry muffinsKr.   45,-
Shilling bunKr.   52,-
SpandauerKr.   42,-
Apricot Bun Kr.   45,-
White chocolate Coockie Kr.   45,-
Large meringue with Demerara sugar or chocolateKr.   49,- 

Cold Dishes

Skagen Mix served served on grilled toast Kr.   175,-
Medley of herring: Rollmops, herring salad and tomato pickled herring served with rye bread
Kr.   165,- 
Cesar salad with lemon and rosemay marinated chicken, garnished with bacon bacon and croutons
Kr.   165,- 
Air cured meat with scrambled eggs and potato salad
Kr.   235,-
Melted brie on walnut bread served with salad, cooked pear and herbal marinated mushrooms 
Kr.   175,-


Hot dishes

Soup of the day, served with bread
Kr.   135,-
Sour cream porridge (Rømmegrøt)
Kr.   155,- 
Air cured meat and a small sour cream porridge
Kr.   315,- 
Meat balls served with white cabbage and potatoes
Kr.   185,-
Homemade fish patties with raw carrots and potatoesKr.   175,-
Warm quiche (mushroom and spinach or cheese and ham) served with salad 
Kr.   115,-
Grilled salmon served with cucumber salad,
butter sauce and potatoes 
Kr.   295,-
Elk meat patties served with salad and potatoes 
Kr.   255,-
Finnbiff shredded reindeer in cream sauce with mushrooms, vegetables
Kr.   265,- 
Speciality of the day served with vegetables and potatoes
Kr.   255,-
Cheese Fondue (min. 2 persons)                              PR. Person                              
 Kr.  315,-


Holmenkollveien 200 | NO-0791 Oslo
Tlf: 22 92 40 40

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Kafe Seterstua:
Man - lør 11:00 - 22:00
Søn 11:00 - 21:00
Restaurant Finstua:
Man - fre 12:00 - 22:00
Lør 13:00 - 22:00
Søn 13:00 - 21:00

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