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Christmas food and gift tips
Now we serve Christmas food at Frognerseteren. The kitchen has received great commodities, including "rakørret" (salt fermentet fresh water trout) from Valdres and "pinnekjøtt" (salted and smoked lamb) from Voss. In addition, some of our delicacies can be purchased in Kafe Seterstua, or you can order at the table in Restaurant Finstua, and the gift will be ready for the end of the meal.
Christmas cookies and sweets
The confectionery at Frognerseteren is making cookies and sweets for the Christmas and everything is made according to old recipes. (Psst: To anyone who has everything, an edible gift can delight the palate!).
Christmas Cookies:
Gingerbread figures with icing (woman and man), NOK 68,-
Gingerbread (small hearts and stars), NOK 52,-
Anise biscuit with fondant, NOK 58,-
German slices, NOK 58,-
Serina cookies, NOK 48,-
Crumb roll, NOK 105,-
Cinnamon sticks, NOK 55,-
Oat biscuits with honey, NOK 55,-
Gluten Free Christmas Cookies:
Gingerbread, NOK 58,-
Chestnut biscuits with cranberries, NOK 68,-
Coconut macaroons, NOK 55,-
Panallets, NOK 58,-
Small meringues, NOK 49,-
Almond cake bars, NOK 145,-
Florentines, NOK 65,-
Chocolate biscuits with almonds, NOK 58,-
Christmas Sweets:
2 pcs. marzipan pigs, NOK 95,-
2 small marzipan pigs, NOK 62,-
Marshmallows, NOK 55,-
Roasted almonds, NOK 82,-
Christmas Chocolate:
Chocolate boot with Christmas candy, NOK 185,-
Chocolate Santa, NOK 145,-
Chocolate snowman, NOK 185,-
Christmas delicacies from Frognerseteren's kitchen
Pork head cheese 100 gr, NOK 55,-
Lamb roll 100 gr, NOK 59,-
Dried mushrooms 65 gr, NOK 78,-
You can order the meat from the kitchen in Seterstua and it will be sliced ​​while you wait.
Need more Christmas gift tips?
We sell books with stories and recipes from Frognerseteren. The book named "Frognerseteren" is also available in English edition.
We would also like to remind you that we sell gift cards here at Frognerseteren where you can decide the value yourself. Maybe it could be the perfect gift for someone you know?


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